Boston Globe Article Sunday, March 1st

Cindy from the Globe wrote a great piece on Duck Soup, and Jon Chase the photographer took a nice picture of Louise. Please look at Jon’s website www.jonchase.com for some very moving and beautiful photos in his gallery. What a fine artist he is.

Also we now have Chef Rica’s delicious chicken potstickers and scallion pancakes for sale! You will also want to try her hummus and kale salads and spring rolls.

Daniela’s wonderful recipe for cheese fondue can be found by clicking “recipes” at the foot of this page. Don’t forget: we have fondues and the right cheeses, and baguettes on Friday and Saturday.

Bring in your knives for sharpening: $3 per non-serrated knife (serrated pricing varies) and turnaround time is usually 24 hours.

Just in! Beautiful livliga dinnerware. This product is very special. Ask us why!



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