The doors of Duck Soup opened for the first time in 1971. And they never closed. We are now one of the longest continuously operating retail stores in Sudbury! The vision of Richard Ressler and Jim Barisano lives on in today's Duck Soup: it's still a quirky, indefinable, yet beloved neighborhood institution. Not quite coffee shop, not quite cheese shop, not quite kitchen shop, not quite gift shop. Now with a package store liquor license and serving up cooking classes, we continue to surprise, delight and defy definition. One thing we have always been: a place where everyone is welcome and customers become friends. Stop in for a sample of our famous Duck Soup Blend coffee and meet the team of DuckSoupians! On April 10, 2017 we acquired the Kiff brand of baked products. We are thrilled to be associated with such unique and delicious goodies.